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Welcome to the new and updated Maybole Ambulance Station web site .

Our site has changed considerably, not because of a desire to upgrade for the sake of it, or even change things for the hell of it, the answer is quite simple, I lost the original site one night when I had downloaded everything to make some alterations. The PC crashed [as they do] and I had to reformat. Of course I had backups of all programs/files but not of the web site, guess that's the first thing I'll do as soon as we are fully up and running.

A few changes worth mentioning here and then you can check out the site as soon as we are operational.

One of the biggest changes is that Dalmellington staff have come under the auspices of the Team leader at Maybole effectively doubling his staff from 5 to 10.


Just a reminder to all those out there, that we are the longest running, fully independant Ambulance related web site [I think] in this country run by full time Ambulance staff, with the first pages being posted 1997.

If you would like to express an opinion about this site or about the service and policies/procedures then why not click on the link below and leave a message in the forum, you do not need to leave your name and unless it is very offensive it will not be removed. Like I said this is an independant site and you can express yourself freely. 


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