All questions and information contained within this site is the culmination of study, sitting the exams, research and generally scouring the internet to gather into one site, just some of the knowledge needed for those interested in a career with the Ambulance Service or for those already employed but looking to advance within the service.

Some of the study material is one or two years old now but I think it will still be relevant.

As I have already stated all the info can be obtained freely from the internet if you know where to look, here's your chance to get it without any of the hastle.

These pages have been recompiled rather hastily since losing the site earlier this year, so, if you find any mistakes, blunders or downright stupid use of the english language please let me know and allow me to right the error.

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I make no claims as to the relevancy of the material with regards to todays Paramedic training, other than saying it got me and most of the longer serving Para's through the training.

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