Calcium Channel Blockers

Part of the vasodilation system relaxes smooth muscle in the arterial walls thus lowering Blood Pressure by lowering vascular resistance

Calcium Channel Blockers slow the inflow of [c++] Calcium into the vascular and smooth muscle fibre

They also reduce the hearts work load by slowing the C++ into Myocardial Fibres.

Beta Blockers

Beta Blockers reduce blood pressure by inhibiting the secretion of Renin and therefore decreasing the rate and force of the heart.


Propanolol is a non selective Beta Blocker: It binds to all types of receptors and prevents their activation by Epinephrine and Norepinaphrene.

The desired effects are mainly on Beta 1 receptors to reduce the heart rate and force of the heart contraction, as a consequence the Blood Pressure is reduced

The unwanted effects are blocking Beta 2 receptors which may cause Hypoglycaemia and Glucogenesis and mild Bronchoconstriction.

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